Hello Wordpress

Well, hello WordPress. Nice to meet you.

I am the Multifarious Mama and I’m certain you’ve never met the likes of me before. I have been meaning to write for quite some time, months actually. I have generated at least two dozen blogs in my head, but the moments passed and the words of wisdom were forgotten almost as quickly as the time went by, never to be recovered. Its a shame really. So many interesting things I wanted to share. So many “ah-ha” moments as I walk this life and continually grow and gain insight. I wish I hadn’t been so intimidated to sit down and peck out these thoughts. But you, WordPress, are intimidating. There are so many quick-witted and well-worded Bloggers out there… who would care for one moment to read my thoughts?

Then tonight I got my first request, “You should start a blog about this (food) transition! I am betting a lot of people out there are considering this change but don’t know how to start! It’s kinda scary to think about when all you have known is one way of eating!…. I think you should do a funny spin on it, you know be realistic about the ups AND the downs that go along with it!”

Vegan BBQ Tofu Pineapple Pizza

Score. Someone actually wants to know what I think. Little does she know, she’s going to get a whole lot more than a peek into my plant-based food journey. She’s going to get a healthy does of religious views, parenting joys and total fails, food experimentation & everything in between. Instead of “Dear Diary” its going to be “Dear WordPress” from here on out. I may not be the most articulate blogger & I certainly could use a class in grammar and punctation, but I am going to give this my best shot and hope that interested readers will be forgiving of my misuse of “then” vs “than” or “effect” vs “affect”. I hope that they will see past the weaknesses in my writing skills and see the strength in my spirit.

ImageMy life is real, my emotions are raw, and my experiences are worth documenting. Watch out WordPress, this Multifarious Mama just showed up to the Blogger Party & I am in no shortage of stories to tell or opinions to share. Let the blogging commence.

My Thirties are going to be my best decade yet!
My Thirties are going to be my best decade yet!

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