Random Ramblings

I wrote this blog on December 20th but wasn’t able to get back to it until this evening. I thought about scratching it completely because its not the most organized compilation of thoughts. I guess though, that any thought, albeit random and rambling, is better than no thought at all. So without further ado….

I seem to be operating in “blogger mode” these days. Every time I have a profound thought I wish I could sit down and blog it. Let me tell ya, there is no shortage of profound thoughts either. So many pressing topics are swirling through my mind… motherhood, discipline, sleep schedules, pooping schedules, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, religion, god, christianity, money, atheism, equality, bigotry, podcasts, scrapbooking, moving, and my mother. Its effing exhausting, but yet I feel like I am passing over meaningful ideas every time I don’t sit down and document it.

So here it is, tonight’s flurry of thoughts which I promise will be followed with more eloquent explanations soon. Nutrition: I really wish there was enough time in the day to actually take the plant-based nutrition class via Cornell University. This seriously holds my interest and its something that I would genuinely enjoy. I have never enjoyed cooking as much as I do now & I have never had as much an interest in nutrition as I have since becoming a mother.

Religion: Okay, I am seriously into the Thinking Atheist podcast. Seth Andrews just has a way of summarizing things so that it makes sense. I swear sometimes he is telling my very own story. I honestly don’t know at this exact juncture if I am agnostic or atheist, but I do know that listening to the information provided by other brings me great comfort. I find some sense of relief knowing that I am not the only bastard-christian out there, that I am not the only one experiencing the fears and revelations of apostasy. If I can figure out how in the hell to post a link to these blogs I will connect you to my favorite podcasts and bloggers. In the meantime, I can say that there are several key players that have impacted me. I recently finished “The God Virus” by Darrel W Ray and it was phenomenal. The first handful of chapters drug on a bit. I do have an interest in the history of religions, but I have even more of an interest in how these discussions immediately apply to my life. Once he got into the meat and potatoes, starting with the chapter titled; “God and Guilt. The guilt that binds”, I was hooked. I swear to god, errrr…. I mean, i swear to something impressive that gets my point across, that this guy is talking about my life. Its a great book. I am also listening to The Thinking Atheist podcast. The most recent selections have been “The Bloody Bible”, the interview with the “Eternal Planner”, and the “Coming Out”. Seriously, I can’t say it enough, this guy speaks what I’ve been contemplating for years. I also enjoy the podcasts by the Skeptic Society, which was founded by Michael Shermer. Skepticality was the first podcast of this nature that I listened to. Coming up on my list of audiobooks is “The Science of Good & Evil” also written by Shermer, and “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. I am told that these are seriously profound writings. I cannot wait to experience them.

Next up on my mind is the privilege/burden of responsibility that comes with being a parent. God, this is so much work. I won’t say I worry myself to death over it, but I can say that I put a great deal of thought into this entire discussion. This sincerely matters to me and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t find myself challenged or reminded of a principle I am trying to instill. I am conscious and aware of so many of the layers to parenting that at any given time in the day it can make my head spin. In one afternoon alone I am proactively trying to enforce healthy sleep habits, optimal nutrition & influence my children to be compassionate & considerate little beings. My all time most used parenting book on the topic of the importance & implementation of stable sleep routines is “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”.This is my sleep bible. Seriously. Everything that has been stated to be true has come to fruition in my children’s routines. When life is getting off track a little and the kids napping and sleeping regresses, this is the book that I return to time and time again. My second most read book is “Parenting Young Children. A systematic training for effective parenting of children under six”. This book has redefined my perspective on parenting. I feel like I was grasping at a parenting concept. I had decided what I wouldn’t be as a parent, I knew what I wanted to be, but until I read this book I didn’t know HOW. This book has greatly influenced how I relate to my 2 year old. (I have a dear friend to thank for referring both of these books to me. She has no idea how much she has inspired me in this journey).

This is just the tip of the iceberg on these ideas, but for now I have to wrap it up and focus on some gift wrapping instead. Forgive me for the disorganized rant and thank you for the time and attention. I will revisit these topics again!


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