Tricks, Tips & Top Picks: February

I wish that I could claim this as an original idea but I have to give credit to one of my favorite blogs which also happens to be one of the first blogs I ever discovered: Simply 2 Be. I love the writing style, I love the photos. I love the content. Its good stuff. So giving credit where credit is due, I thought it would be fun to follow suit and share my monthly favorites as well.


  • The S.O. and I have a strong desire to raise bi-lingual kids. The challenge to that is that I am a native born West Virginian with a touch of a Southern drawl and a weak background in languages. I rely heavily on my bi-lingual partner when it comes to verbal diversity and I have decided its high time I make some improvements. The kids and I are now immersed in all things Spanish; we listen while we eat, we watch toddler Spanish immersion DVDs, and we practice any chance we can get. It sounds impressive, but the reality is our word bank is pretty basic. Our latest discovery is the “Twin Sister Productions of Beginner Spanish Ages 5-12“. Its just the right speed for me, and my daughter seems to be picking it up just as quickly.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.23.20 PM


  • Those that know me well or anyone that is constantly barraged with a stream food photos in my Instagram feed knows that I love to cook. This is a new found passion as my family and I have transitioned to plant based eating over the last year. My most used cookbook this month is by far Happy Herbivore Abroad. Love it. Can’t get enough. Its the epitome of user friendly.
Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.22.57 PM


  • This is an amazing blog! 50 Sundays is very well written. I am in love with the concept & the photos are great too. Follow along as the author searches for the God she is so desperate to believe it. Some people seek for answers through studies and lectures and some put their feet on the ground an transform their desire for truth into action! I am a strong advocate of asking questions and going beyond the beliefs that are generically instilled at birth. It is inspiring to read such a genuine journey for answers. She keeps me wondering what church she will visit on the following Sunday.
  • In keeping with the theme of free thought and asking tough questions, I listened to the audio book Deconverted by Seth Andrews. I am a hug fan of his podcast The Thinking Atheist and an even bigger fan of his newly released biography. The podcast and website is one of the largest Atheist sites worldwide and his book is quickly following suit as a huge success. Seth has a way of addressing his readers as if he were sharing his journey over a cup of coffee. His personal testimony is truly remarkable and thought provoking and his approachable demeanor and straight forward messages have had a profound impact on me.

What are your top picks this month?

4 thoughts on “Tricks, Tips & Top Picks: February

  1. I’m pretty sure I got the idea on another blog too 🙂 My top picks this month are…Poetic Medicine by John Fox, Mountain Rose Herbs Spirit Aroma Oil, Theo Dark Chocolate with Cherries & Almonds, and Yoga Journal Magazine. Thank you for your sweet words.

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