Tricks, Tips & Top Picks: April


Momcation 2013
Momcation 2013

At the age of thirty I am learning to embrace a new normal, including the seldom advertised Momcation. Instead of lounging on a topless beach or snorkeling off some amazing reef, I have arrived at the time in my life when my vacation is best described as organized chaos. I was fortunate enough to share my first Momcation with one of my lifelong girlfriends. She braved the trek across the country with her infant in tow, and together we embraced the vacation with children. (I use the term vacation loosely). You can read my girlfriends commentary on her travels at The Motherhood Mystery

Highlights of the trip include a scarring trip to the Pita Pit, where we both vowed we were done having children. Taking three children to lunch, ages 2, 11 months, and 10 months, was way beyond our ability. The ratio is off! There were more of them than us and we failed miserably. We over estimated ourselves and this was just day one. I think we hid in my house with the kids for the next 48 hours before we were willing to venture back into the public gaze, and only then did we go with the S.O. or my visiting brother. We did manage to sneak in a lovely evening to the local wine bar, sans the diapered ones. Our proudest moments was including a bit of international travel into our docket. Its true that it’s only fifteen minutes to the closest U.S./Mexico border crossing, and it’s also true we were only gone for one short afternoon, but we felt we had redeemed ourselves from our lowest moments of ear piercing shrieks and unified melt downs. We ate… we ate an entire meal without interruption, we bargained, we brushed up on our Spanish (one of us more articulate than the other), we practically swam in the tub sized margaritas, and then, as if it could get any better, we bought earrings for one dollar. 

The last days of Momcation included the Prince’s first birthday party, and I will forever cherish the memory that my handsome Prince celebrated his first birthday with his BFF Baby A. I look back now at that week and realize that Momcation 2013 was indeed epic, and it can’t be compared to snorkeling a reef or hiking a volcano because this vacation was filled with more meaning and love than any I have ever experienced. Besides, I have no business frequenting a topless beach. I am a Mom, you know.

How many shots does it take to get just the right one?
How many shots does it take to get just the right one?
47 to be precise.  The Prince and Baby A.
47 to be precise.
The Prince and Baby A.


My GF and I made our Momcation as authentic as we could, including creating our Meal Plan on her first day on the West Coast (yes, our mother’s would be proud). We drew from my top fav’s right now and although we enjoyed few meals where we could both sit down and eat at the same time, we ate well.


The birthday cupcakes were from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. My Sis helped me get them into the over and they were a hit!

Happy first birthday to my precious Prince!
Happy first birthday to my precious Prince!

I was inspired by a photo on Facebook to bake this Polka Dot cake. I don’t have  any vegan cake cookbooks, so I just adapted from the same cupcake book as above.

Polka Dot Cake
Polka Dot Cake

Free Thought: 

I am a proud West Virginia Mountaineer and I am even prouder to share this site: Fairness West Virginia. There are some strong folks in my home states who are fighting for equality. As of this posting, discrimination against the LGBTQ community is still permitted in the housing and job markets there. This organization is committed to the changing that, and I support them 100%. Check out their site, “Like” their FaceBook page, and stand up on the right side of equality.


Favorite Photos: 

I wanted to add this category this month because I am a proud Mom and I love showcasing my adorable offspring!

There is nothing else like Sibling Love.
There is nothing else like Sibling Love.
This is one very lucky shot, very incredible shot! (iPhone 5)
This is one very lucky shot, very incredible shot! (iPhone 5)

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