Full Arms, Overflowing Heart

The kids and I spent the morning eating Happy Herbivore cinnamon pancakes and tumbling on the mats at the local kids gymnasium. We visited a preschool that the SO & I are considering for our Princess this fall and we ended our morning filling our bellies with grapes and tortilla wraps. Today is a good day. Everyone is happy and most importantly, we are together.


Nap time arrived and the fatigue was evident on their faces. I usually put the baby down first and then tuck the Princess into bed for the afternoon. Today though, they both climbed up on my lap and snuggled in. It took a few moments to get them both settled but its was the nicest ten minutes a mom could have. Everything that makes up my universe was right there in my arms. As I rocked them I thought about where life is for us right now. We have been working on making some big changes that require a little courage just to take the first couple of steps. I suppose though, this is how life really works, nothing can stay the same forever.

It seems like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting my daughters birth and now we are school shopping… It seems like five minutes ago I was sleep deprived and spending my nights rocking and nursing my tiny Prince. Life keeps moving whether I’m ready for it or not. But for ten minutes today time stood still. I held my Loves close and smelled their sweet breaths, feeling their tired bodies relax into mine. My lap was crowded, serving as a reminder that time stops for no one and babies grow so fast. I closed my eyes and rocked, memorizing the moment so I could keep it forever. My arms may be full buy my heart is overflowing with love.


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