Happy Herbivore 28 Day Whole Food Challenge: Part 1

Beginning in June the Happy Herbivore initiated a 28 Day Whole Food Challenge. I jumped into this with both feet for several reasons; I love cooking, I love documenting and sharing my cooking, and most importantly, it was free. There were several other four week cleanses and healthy eating challenges going on at the same time, but they all involved having to buy product or pay a fee. I was tickled that the Happy Herbivore was being “loosy goosey”  and creative with her challenge. It didn’t require buying her cookbooks or ordering meal replacement powders, etc, etc. All she asked was that each person eat cleaner than they currently were. Maybe for some that meant eliminating processed food, maybe for another it meant just giving up meat for the month. For me it meant no more caffeine free diet coke, lots more water and trying out dozens of plant based recipes I hadn’t yet tried. The SO and I snuggled in to watch Forks Over Knives yet again – just for some extra inspiration. So far this has been a great challenge. I feel it’s building an even stronger sense of community amongst the Happy Herbies and it also helps bring more attention to Plant Based eating. You can check out more of my Instagram pics here. Read more about my plant based journey here. Click here to read Happy Herbivore’s half-way post (my little Prince is the feature photo)!

This was a throw together meal on a busy night. Loaded baked potato topped with black eyed peas and tomatoes, sprinkled with nutritional yeast.
Some amazing Persian vegan food was just right for the #HH28 challenge!
Marinated tofu with grilled veggies and pita bread strips.
Veggie pizza topped with nutritional yeast.
Groceries for several meals.
I had this beet salad while I was in Palm Springs. I had to recreate it for the #HH28 challenge.
It’s gotten a lot easier eating out – I can almost always find something on a menu, including this cheese-less veggie pizza!
Portobello Steaks are always a hit in my house. I always plan to use the left overs as “steak” tacos, but there are never any left overs.
My two year old Tiny Happy Herbie loved the roasted beets & portobello steaks!
Always a favorite of mine, Thai Crunch Salad from Peas and Thank You. I customize it depending on what I have on hand.
We are big green smoothie drinkers, it’s an easy way to get some veggies into our Tiny Herbies. In this case, it was a red beet smoothie.
I find us eating whole wheat wraps at least once a week. We either slather smashed beans as a base, or use hummus. These never get old.
My two year old is still practicing keeping a wrap together, sometimes it’s just cleaner to serve it to her in individual parts. Either way, she loves it.
Aztec Corn Soup from Happy Herbivore. I have never made this before and I kick myself for that. It’s super fast to make and it was SOOO tasty! I added hot sauce to mine.
Again with the whole wheat wraps. This was a tofu scramble wrap piled with beans and anything I had on hand. Another Happy Herbivore invention…
Some quick and easy hash browns to go with the tofu scramble wrap.
Ok- I had never made the Happy Herbivore pancakes before and that’s my loss. I have since been making large batches to freeze for quick breakfasts on busy mornings.
This is one of my favorite photos from the #HH28 challenge. I wish I could eat this picture… or frame it. Either way.
The Tiniest Happy Herbie of them all is such a good eater. I swear he ate 4 or 5 pancakes!
Minestrone Soup and a cheese-less veg pizza from Olive Garden.
I love the color of purple cabbage!
Taste the REAL rainbow!
Enchilada Casserole with taco seasoned TVP and Charleston Red Rice from Happy Herbivore. Topped with her vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce.
Happy Herbivore recently posted a blog on making your own sorbet- so of course, we made some banana ice cream that very night.
One tiny whole wheat wrap for my tiny Happy-Herbie.


Sugar snap peas, cherries & a wrap.
Lunch is served!
Tofu noodle soup with Everyday Happy Herbivore No Chicken Broth Powder.
I found my happy place!
I’m in love!
The tiniest Happy Herbie helped me stock up for another week of the 28 Day Whole Food Challenge!
Here’s a week of fruit for our family of four.
Stocked for the next week.
I decided to try oats in the crock pot for the first time. It was really easy to put together. I learned that next time I need to grease the inside of the crock.
Apple, cinnamon, agave, almond slivers, raisins and steal cut oats.


I decided to finally make the Happy Herbivore Breakfast Sandwiches for Father’s Day. I did the prep work the night before and threw it together the next morning.
This little breakfast sandwich didn’t stand a chance.
Even my two tiny Herbie's enjoyed breakfast.
Even my two tiny Herbie’s enjoyed breakfast.

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