Happy Herbivore 28 Day Whole Food Challenge: Part 2

This is the second half of my photos from the Happy Herbivore 28 Day Whole Food Challenge. This was a fun month for me- I broke out of my routine of using Everyday Happy Herbivore almost exclusively & I tried out lots of Nixon’s original recipes in her first cookbook Happy Herbivore. I’ve been vegetarian for a year and a half and plant based for a little over a year, but this challenge made me realize how many Happy Herbivore recipes I haven’t tried yet! How could I have waited so long!? Highlights from this month were Baked Ziti, Cinnamon Pancakes, Breakfast Sandwiches, and our favorite part- The Plant Based Dinner Party with our friends in L.A. I met my primary goal this month of ditching caffeine free diet coke! One month down and I plan to keep up the healthy habit! (Woot!Woot!) Here is a link to Part One of my 28 Day Whole Food Challenge. You can read about my transition to becoming plant based in my post, Veg Head: The long winded version of my plant based journey. My next goal: I want to try her 3 Day Reboot and 10 Day Cleanse this month and then I would like to cook my way through all three of the Happy Herbivore cookbooks, and I better get started because rumor has it her fourth cookbook is coming soon! Happy, Healthy Eating, Friends!

**My blog and photos were listed several times this month by the Happy Herbivore! This is a highlight for me, for sure. Click here for her half-way post- my little Prince is the first photo! Click here for her final post on the food challenge – she included my blog in her Blogger Spotlight!

I hit the cafeteria at a hospital after a patient transfer. Sadly, most hospitals we transfer to do not have many vegan options, but most of them do have salad bars.
I hit the cafeteria at a hospital after a patient transfer. Sadly, most hospitals we transfer to do not have many vegan options, but most of them do have salad bars.
Avocado Massaged Kale Sale
Mock Tuna Salad made with Garbanzo Beans
Veggie Tacos made just for us at Chili’s. This was so tasty!
Kids menus are seldom Plant Based, so we usually order a plate of side for the kids. They love it!
My little Plant Strong family on Father’s Day!
Cold Stone Creamery has raspberry sorbet which makes for a sweet treat on our family dates.
Happy Herbivore Baked Ziti was AMAZING. I cannot believe I had not made it before now!
My Tiny Happy Herbies ate HALF of the Baked Ziti on their own!
Some very happy herbies!
The beginning of a triple batch of Happy Herbivore Hippy Loaf. I used my Vitamix to do all of the chopping for the first time – it was a huge time saver.
The Happy Herbivore posted a blog this month homemade sorbet. This was our first attempt & it was so tasty!
A sweet, healthy after dinner treat.
Peach Sorbet
Happy Herbivore Southwestern Macaroni Salad
This was a quick and easy dinner made of lentils and a baked potato.
Who says a road trip has to consist of fast food? I packed some easy plant based snacks and the kids were satisfied.
Vegan Wonton Soup – it was awesome.
During our visit to L.A. I tried to get my fill of vegan food. This was from an asian cuisine- Vegan Kung Pow Chicken. The flavor was great but I have to be honest, a year and a half without meat and the fake meat in this dish really grossed me out. I tried one bite and ended up eating everything around it.
Big batch baking! Black eyed peas, black beans and rice. I spend one day cooking and then store it in meal sized portions in the freezer.
Quick hummus and veggie wrap.
While in L.A. we got together with childhood friends. My supportive friends were eager to try a home-cooked Happy Herbivore Plant Based meal! This was a highlight of our trip. This was the beginning of Happy Herbivore Portobello Steak Tacos.
Portobellos for the Happy Herbivore Steak Tacos.
Happy Herbivore Smokey Black Bean Enchiladas.
Everyday Happy Herbivore Refried Beans.
The Steak Fajitas were DELICIOUS!
Our Plant Based Party was a hit! The Smokey Black Bean Enchiladas made the top of the list.
Even the Tiny Happy Herbies enjoyed the Plant Based party 🙂
Love these girls! We had a great time sipping cold beers and fixing dinner.
Happy kids!
Even the guys were happy with the meal plan! It reminded me of the Plant Based Guys series Happy Herbivore featured for Father’s Day 🙂
Tofu Thai Coconut Bowl.
We LOVE Chipotle! The brown rice veggie bowl is SO tasty!
I’m kind of crazy about Pita Pit’s falafel and hummus whole wheat pita wraps!


Another hospital cafeteria meal after a patient transfer; couscous salad and pear slices!
Avocado Salad.
No Dairy Berry: a little sweet treat to accompany a study session.
Friday night pizza at home topped with nutritional yeast.
We celebrated the close of the Happy Herbivore Whole Food Challenge with another round of Chili’s custom made veggie tacos! What a great month!

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