Tips, Tricks & Top Picks: June


Over the last few months the kids and I have been enjoying our double bike trailer at least three times a week. This was another Craig’s List find and it was well worth the little bit of cash it cost!

My $50 Craig's List find!
My $50 Craig’s List find!
Miles and hours later...
Miles and hours later…

Top Multifarious Mama pick for this month is the stoplight alarm clock we got for our Princess. I have tried three other kids clocks, all three made by the same company, all three failed. This one has been a success! The thing is, at the age of two, she doesn’t need an alarm to wake- she needs an alarm to stay in bed. She has always been an early riser, we are talking 5-530 for the first couple years. Over the last six months she has finally started sleeping until 630, 7 on a lucky day. We implemented the “When to Wake” alarm and she knows that she has to stay in her bed until the alarm clock turns green. It works like a charm. She can wake up and read, but she has to stay in bed a bit longer. We are pushing for 7 to 730 on a regular basis, but it takes baby steps.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.10.27 PM



By far the best part of June and our nutrition was the Happy Herbivore 28 Day Whole Food Challenge. I tried new meals and took lots of pics. Highlights for me was having Lindsay Nixon (the brain behind the Happy Herbivore) retweet a dozen or so of my #HH28 food photos that I posted from Instagram. I won one of the daily prizes too. She posted two blog posts during the month and my photos were featured in both! The Tiny Prince was the fist photo on her Half Way blog post, along with several other pics I had shared. In her final blog post Multifarious Mama was one of the featured blogs! This was a very exciting month for me, having so much interaction with Lindsay made the challenge even more fun. You can check out my posts with food photos from the month here and here.

This photo of my sweet boy was featured in the Happy Herbivore blog!
This photo of my sweet boy was featured in the Happy Herbivore blog!
I just love this picture! Saturday morning pancakes with the Grandparents.
I just love this picture! Saturday morning HH pancakes with the Grandparents.

Free Thought:

June was a HUGE month in with world of LGBT equality. The Supreme Court over turned Prop 8 as well as the portion of DOMA that discriminated against same sex couples. Exodus International, an organization that had spent four decades attempting Christian conversion therapy, also announced that they were closing their doors. The press has been hot with discussions surrounding these events. Although there is plenty of work still to be done, it was great to stop and celebrate the monumental step forward that our nation has taken. I had the privilege of having several of my blog posts published on Huffington Post. These original posts include links to my Huffington Post articles:

Straight for Equality: How I Became a Straight Ally

Love Is Love

The Love Party: Celebrating the Downfall of DOMA

The Downfall of Exodus International Signals for Change

In the midst of all of the Gay Rights excitement, a friend recommended this article to me; I Love Gay People and I Love Christians. I Choose All.  While I am an atheist now, I spent nearly 28 years of my life immersed in the doctrine and beliefs of Christianity. Although I no longer feel myself tied to the arguments of the religious-right, I still found this article moving. There are many people in my life who are devout or committed Christians, and as I read the words written on the Momastery blog, I felt hope that these words could resonate with the religious and spiritual people that I know. If you click on no other link in this post, please take a few moments to check this one out.

Favorite Photos:

Taken by a friend during our visit to LA.
Taken by a friend during our visit to LA.
Taken by the same friend during our visit to LA.
Taken by the same friend during our visit to LA.
Mama's bubble bath boy!
Mama’s bubble bath boy!
Everything I'll ever need is captured in this one Father's Day photo.
Everything I’ll ever need is captured in this one Father’s Day photo.

What were some of the highlights from your June? Did you have a favorite moment or recipe from the month?

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