Tips, Tricks, & Top Picks: July

For the first time since I started posting Favorites, I have fallen behind. Life has been going at a break-neck pace and unfortunately, my beloved blogging has found itself seated dead last on the list. And I thought I was busy before I became a full time student. It bugs me every day that I am behind on some personal goals- and not writing is one of my greatest dissatisfiers right now. So without further ado, I give you my Tips, Trick, & Top Picks from way back in the month of July.


My coworkers agreed to making the month of July Crossfit month at our base. We are fortunate enough to have a Crossfit instructor among us and he wrote out our plans for the entire month. Here is a link to his blog where you can find WOD’s (Work Out of the Day) and info on getting fit! I have never done Crossfit before and I wasn’t totally into the hype. Having spent a month under his direction, I can see why people swear by it. It’s a low budget and quick way to shape up. I can’t say its easy, but I can say its worth it.


I got invited into an virtual book club, making me feel like I had finally become a well rounded adult. When the first book was selected I sighed- it was fiction, it was expensive to buy in audio book format, and it was THIRTY HOURS long. My SO (significant other) and my sister tell me often that I need to loosen up, watch a few fiction movies and stop being so education-oriented all of the time. Although I am perfectly happy watching documentaries and listening to informational audio books, I decided to give Stephen King a chance. I don’t know much about King other than his It movie from my childhood, but I found a cool deal via Audible that allows me to get one book a month for a low membership cost of $7. You can’t beat that price for a paper book, so I figured it was worth a try. 11/22/63 was well worth my time. I was totally entrenched in the book, and I still catch myself day dreaming about the ending. Turns out a little fiction in one’s life isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t lose any previously stored knowledge about food, religion, or free though- and I did allow myself to get lost in novel like I have not done since I was in high school. So if you are looking for a chance to relax your mind and focus on something other than the business end of real life, I highly recommend this book.


My little boy is growing up! Or at least his hair is growing out. It was time for hair cut, and considering the Princess has not even had one, the babies first hair cut was a totally new venture for us. He did so well! Sat still through the entire hair cut, all by himself! I keep taking double takes now though, he doesn’t look like a little baby anymore!



Previously I blogged about my 28 Day Whole FOod Challenge with The Happy Herbivore. Considering she is one of my food-heros, how lucky was I that I won an autographed cookbook? I could not be a happier customer than I am now. Love that girl and I cannot wait until her next cookbook is released!

One Very Happy Herbivore!
One Very Happy Herbivore!

Well, the day finally arrived. The Princess started preschool. Granted, its a 2 day a week program, but still- she’s spending two full days a week outside our home, and for me, that’s a big adjustment. She has taken it in stride, and as expected- she’s quite the little social butterfly. But with great privilege comes great responsibility, and as a Plant Based (vegan) family, the burden lies on me to come up with nutritious meals. I am thankful that her preschool allows me to bring her lunches everyday, as in my search for a school I learned that a lot of local preschools discourage the parents packing meals. I surveyed the menus at every school I visited and lemme’ tell ya- no matter how you dress it up, an unhealthy hot dog is still and unhealthy hotdog. I am actually enjoying the challenge of creating lunches for her, but as I perfect the new rhythm of morning routines and tiny packed lunches, I am glad that we are only doing this two days a week right now.


Free Thought:

My long time work parter Kyle and his wife have influenced me in so many ways. The most surprising of all their impact though, is on my perspective on parenting. They are the wisest parents without kids that I know. Kyle recently recommended the Atheist Experience to me, particularly this post on atheist parenting. There a moments in my parenting journey that stand out to me- I refer to them as “light bulb moments” and this was one of them. “Ah-ha! So THAT’S it! Why did I never think of this before?” Listening to Matt Dillahunty’s podcast on Atheist Parenting was inspiring and gave me more of sense of clarity when faced with the challenge of balancing the many familial expectations of religious upbringings. Read more of my blog post on this pivotal podcast here. You can watch the episode as it was filmed by the Atheist Experience here.


Favorite Photos:

Kisses on the Fourth of July!
Enjoying a California sunset with Kyle & Ellen. They are two of the most genuine people I know. So thankful for their friendship!
First Day of Preschool!
Mama’s sweet, sweet baby boy.

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