About Multifarious Mama

The name probably says it best; I am a complex woman comprised of many different layers. I am a mother, I am a career woman, I am a lover. I am a total food-hippie. I am Skeptic recovering from an upbringing of indoctrination. I am a Straight Ally.  I am artistic. I am a bit too much of a bleeding heart…


I am the Multifarious Mama.


Photo Credit:  Photography by Julie 

The Multifarious Mama has been a featured writer in Huffington Post Gay Voices. You can view her Huffington Post profile and blog archive here

8 thoughts on “About Multifarious Mama

  1. Your blog is amazing ! You’re a remarkable young woman and should be proud of your stand on gay rights. We as parents of a gay man have compassion and have come to an understanding of our son and his battles for rights in this world. It all comes down to the fact that as christians we should love “everyone” not just those with the same opinion as us. It was a journey for us. But we love our son unconditionally and his partner and all of god’s children. Your voice is being heard and my other children are all on board in the fight for rights for all. Love you.

  2. I’m hooked. I’m a friend of Renee’s, living out here in your “old life”. Renee told me last night that I’d probably like your blog because we’ve got a few things in common. She wasn’t kidding. I try to blog, but it goes the wayside too often. You’re inspiring me to get moving with it and document what needs to be said.
    Cheers to you and I hope we can meet some day “back home”.

    1. Oh wow! Thanks to Renee for sharing with you and thank you for checking it out. I would love to check out your blog and I hope you keep at it. It’s cathartic for us, don’t ya think? Keep in touch and let’s have lunch when I’m back in the mother land. 🙂

  3. I found your blog today from Lindsay Nixon’s “Where Are They Now?” post. I’m really enjoying catching up and admire your enthusiasm and energy not only for plant based eating but in the other areas of your life that you discuss on your blog. The link to your post on how you became vegan doesn’t seem to be working, though. I would like to read that as well.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and work your way through my blog- I appreciate it! I am not sure how on earth my Veg Head post became private, but I fixed it and you shouldn’t have any trouble now. I think it made it look like I re-published it? Either way, it’s back up. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. Hi fellow Mountaineer. I live about an hr west of Morgantown.. I found you thru your post on Happy herbivore. I have been vegetarian since the end of january and vegan for abut 2 mo. I am in the process of going totally plant based. I am a 54 yo retired nurse with fibromyalgia. I have also always struggled with my weight. I started out this new eating plant trying to do a juice fast, by strictly juicing. I lost weight easy, but during this time started researching plant based more, and have added in eating again. My question is …did you find you could eat what plant based foods you wanted and still lose.? i am juicing 1-2 meals a day and vegan for the the rest, but since doing this my weight is going up and day within 2-3 lbs and i am not getting ahead for the last month.

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