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Multifarious Mama Goes Mute

Everyone knows that if you don’t have something nice (positive, uplifting, constructive) to say, you should say nothing at all. In some cases the good that unfolds from being completely honest far outweighs the safety one can feel in keeping family secrets, but this should be heavily weighed and does not come without a price. That being said, I have envisioned this exact post countless times in the last two years. How does one approach the subject of divorce? How does one preserve dignity and privacy while striving to be authentic? I found it hard to pen anything reasonable and fair while I was in the throes of heartbreak, while I was still in the relentless clutches of anger and bitterness. How could I make myself vulnerable in a post without divulging more than appropriate? So for the sake of benevolence (towards he and I both), I remained silent.